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Vacancycalling.com is India's fastest growing online career & recruitment portal. We are determined to change the course of recruitment industry.

Idea of Vacancycalling was :

  • Conceptulized in December 2013
  • First prototype was delivered in 2016
  • Relaunched after studying users behavior with lot of changes in line with future strategies in December 2019.

Vacancycalling.com is a platform to bring recruiters & Job seekers under one roof. We have established our footprints with a strong foundation & mindset to serve humanity. This is the reason that we have made our premium services 100% FREE for everyone which are usually charged over other portals.

Why Vacancycalling

No other job search portal provides you bundle of premium services at ZERO cost

Our Free services includes :

  • Standard digital CV
  • Automated Profile Rating for Hiring
  • Background Verification
  • Company Review
  • Interview Help
  • Appreciate Friends/colleagues
  • Write Blogs
  • Job Agents
  • Recruiter Following
  • and many more...

We are sure of adding more Free services to our portal e.g. Performance Management System etc.

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We would love to hear from you, any kind of feedback/suggestion is welcome with a BIG THANK YOU.

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  • Easy to use
  • No Registration required
  • Get relevant jobs directly in your inbox
  • Be the first one to apply jobs
  • Stay updated with latest opportunities
  • Create unlimited job alerts
  • Get recommended jobs

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