How to Improve your profile health

"A leader is one who, knows the way, goes the way & shows the way"

John C. Maxwell

At Vacancycalling, we admire leadership principals at the highest levels. Our efforts are in the direction of developing leadership attributes & grooming talents before getting an offer from any organization. To develop such qualities, we have designed a dynamic #DigitalCV profile rating, which get changed basis the leadership quality demonstration of each user.

Here are the few activities, which every user needs to perform in mentioned intervals to secure a higher profile rating. Dynamic profile rating is an effort to convert one time hacks of increasing profile rating, into a habbit.

Reason(s) of your low profile rating

Profile rating scoring matrix
Activity Type Repeat Frequency Points
Giving Award/appreciation 90 days 10
Follow 1 Recruiters 365 days 10
Complete Digital CV Once/Regular intervals 20
Website visit 90 days 10
Company Review Once/Regular intervals 10
Refer a Job to the Friend 90 days 10
Write a blog 365 days 10
Create a job alert 365 days 10
Comment on blog 90 days 5
Comment on blog 90 days 5
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